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Boost your analytics career with powerful new Microsoft Excel skills by taking this Business Analytics with
Excel courses, which includes Power BI training. These two commonly used tools,combined with official
business analytics certification,will put you on the path of a successful career.

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Course Overview

This Business Analytics certification course teaches you the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics to help data-driven decision making. This training introduces you to Power BI and delves into the statistical concepts that will help you devise insights from available data in order to present your findings using executive-level dashboards.

Key Features

  • 12 hours of live mentoring
  • Industry use case
  • Includes training on Introduction to business intelligence using Power BI
  • Eight practical exercises with module wise assessment
  • Flexibility to choose classes
  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning

Skills Covered

  • Excel analytics functions
  • Pivot tables and slicers
  • Scenario manager tool
  • Solver tool
  • Goal seek tool
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Power BI

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By 2025, the business intelligence market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.98 percent from 2017 to 2025. IBM indicates that the number of job profiles for all business analysts will increase from the present 364,000 openings to 2.72 million.

Course benefits

Course Curriculum


Business Analytics with Excel is a great course for both beginners and experienced professionals who are inexperienced or have recently entered the analytics field. This Business Analytics online course is beneficial for IT developers and testers, data analysts, junior data scientists, analytics professionals, BI and reporting professionals, project managers, students, and professionals working with data in any industry.


There are no prerequisites for this Business Analytics certification training other than an analytical mindset. However, we do expect the participants to have a basic knowledge of working with Microsoft Excel.

Course Content

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Expert

    • Manage workbook options and settings

      • Save a workbook as a template, copy macros between workbooks
      • Reference data in another workbook
      • Reference data by using structured references
      • Enable macros in a workbook, display hidden ribbon tabs
      • Restrict editing, protect a worksheet, configure formula calculation options
      • protect workbook structure, manage workbook versions
      • Encrypt a workbook with a password
    • Apply custom data formats and layouts

      • Create custom number formats
      • Populate cells by using advanced Fill Series options
      • Create conditional formatting rules that use formulas
      • Manage conditional formatting rules
      • Create custom color formats, create and modify cell styles
      • Create and modify custom themes
      • Create and modify simple macros
      • Insert and configure form controls
      • Display data in multiple international formats
      • Apply international currency formats,
    • Create advanced formulas

      • Perform logical operations by using AND, OR, and NOT functions
      • Perform logical operations by using nested functions;
      • Perform statistical operations by using SUMIFS,AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS
      • Look up data by using the VLOOKUP function
      • Look up data by using the HLOOKUP
      • Look up data by using the MATCH function
      • look up data by using the INDEX function
      • Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions
      • Name cells, name data ranges, name tables
      • Manage named ranges and objects
    • Create advanced charts and tables

      • Add trendlines to charts, create dual-axis charts
      • Create PivotTables, modify field selections and options
      • Create slicers, group PivotTable data
      • Reference data in a PivotTable by using the GETPIVOTDATA function
      • Add calculated fields, format data
      • Create PivotCharts, manipulate options in existing PivotCharts

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Exam and Certifications

1. How many questions will there be on the exam?

The number of questions on an exam is subject to change as we update it over time to keep current changes in the technology and job role. Most Microsoft Certification exams contain between 40-60 questions; however, the number can vary depending on the exam.

2. Which testing formats and question types will be used in the exam I'm taking?

Because Microsoft continually introduces innovative testing technologies and question types, we do not provide for the specific item types that will appear on a given exam. To get a feel for what you might see on an exam, we encourage you to review some possible exam formats and question types.

3. How does Microsoft decide how many questions on a particular subject to include on the exam?

The skills measured on an exam are identified by subject-matter experts external to Microsoft (in other words, they are not Microsoft employees). This list of skills, called the “objective domain," is the basis for exam development. The number of questions that measure each skill area is determined through the blueprinting process; sections of the exam measuring critical and/or more frequently performed skills will contain more questions than those that assess less important or less frequently performed skills..

4. Am I required to take an exam in English?

Microsoft Certification exams are available in several languages. However, candidates who must take the exam in English rather than in their native language can request an accommodation for additional time. Approval for extra time is provided on a case-by-case basis and needs to be requested in advance of the exam. This should be requested through the accommodations process.

5. How much do exams cost?

Expert and Associate exams typically cost US$165 but are priced according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Exam prices are subject to change. In some countries and regions, additional taxes may apply.


Aman Tyagi

IIHM, Pune

I enrolled the Mos excel global certification which helps me in learning new and faster ways to use excel and using shortcut keys to create advance documents. It is not only ease my work but boosted my career. Workshop and services are fantastic. Parth sir and Shubhojit sir also are intouch with us for any queries.


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