Web Development using Angular

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Angular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient
and sophisticated single-page apps.

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Course Overview

Angular provides a robust framework that facilitates the development of richly interactive applications running on multiple platforms. Gain experience building components, creating directives, modularizing applications, and building template-driven forms.

Key Features

  • 24 hours of blended learning
  • Practice labs and projects with integrated Azure labs
  • Access to official Microsoft content aligned to the examination
  • Exam voucher for Global certification is included
  • Flexibility to choose classes
  • 24/7 support with dedicated mentoring sessions

Skills Covered

  • Angular Framework Setup
  • Angular Module
  • Angular Component
  • Angular Services
  • Pipes & Directives
  • Lazy Loading

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Templates :Quickly create UI views with simple and powerful template syntax.
Angular CLI :Command line tools: start building fast, add components and tests, then instantly deploy.
IDE's :Get intelligent code completion, instant errors, and other feedback in popular editors and IDEs.

Course benefits

Course Curriculum


Before you study Angular, you should have a basic understanding of: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


This assume that you are already familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some of the tools from the latest standards, such as classes and modules. The code samples are written using TypeScript. Most Angular code can be written with just the latest JavaScript, using types for dependency injection, and using decorators for metadata.

Course Content

  • Angular Course

    • Introduction to Angular

      • What & Why Angular ?
      • History of Angular
      • Install Node, NPM, Angular CLI
      • Introduction to Visual Studio Code
      • Create New Angular project using Angular CLI
    • Angular Application Structure

      • Introduction to Angular Module
      • Introduction Angular Component
      • Introduction Angular Services
    • Angular Component

      • What is Component
      • Understanding App Component
      • Create custom component & use in Angular project
      • Angular Interpolation
      • Property Binding
      • Class & Style binding
      • Template reference variable
      • Two way data binding
      • Angular Structural directives ( ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch)
      • Component Interaction ( @Input(), @Output() )
    • Angular Pipe

      • What is Pipe ?
      • Build in pipe in angular
      • String Pipe
      • Number Pipe
      • Currency Pipe
      • Date Pipe
      • Sample code using Angular Pipe
    • Angular Service

      • What is Service ?
      • Dependency Injection
      • Dependency Injection as design pattern
      • Dependency Injection as Framework in Angular
      • Sample program of Angular Service
    • Angular HTTP & Observable

      • HTTP mechanism in Angular
      • Mechanism of Observable
      • JavaScript RxJs library
      • Implement HTTP & observable (With Sample program)
      • HTTP error Handling (With Sample program)
    • Angular Routing & Navigation

      • Routing in Angular
      • Routing App
      • Wildcard Route
      • Default Route
      • Route Parameters
      • paramMap observable
      • Optional route parameter
    • Angular Forms

      • Types of Angular Forms
      • Template Driven Forms
      • ngModel Properties
      • Reactive Forms
      • Sample program with Template driven form
      • Sample program with Reactive forms
    • Angular Lazy Loading

      • What is NgModule
      • What is Lazy loading
      • Why lazy loading needed?
      • Lazy loading basics
      • Manage app-routing.ts file
      • loadChildren Property

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Exam and Certifications

1.What is a Single Page Application (SPA)?

SPA is the concept whereby pages are loaded from the server not by doing postbacks, instead of by creating a single shell page or master page and loading the web pages into the master page.

2. What is dependency injection?

Dependency injection is the process where the dependent objects are injected rather than being created by the consumer.

3. What are the benefits of dependency injection?

Dependency injection has two significant benefits: Testing and decoupling.

4. What is Angular ?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built Angular


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