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Why Skill Development?

Nowadays with the development of globalization, the cooperative sector, and professional offices, the environment is growing at a fast pace. In this race of fast speed, everyone is thriving and willing to counted among the best. What makes you a good professional and best among the crowd? They are the skills, which help an individual to be proficient within one’s profession and on the other hand, determines how far a business gets if it is sleeved up with a greater number of skilled employees.

Skill development is a peak term these days and every organization is focused to hire skilled employees or train them to get good skills prior to hands-on jobs. Skill and specialization are what a market is demanding these days.

There are millions of engineers graduating every year in India and when it comes to employability, only 20% of them are employable. India is more focused to train and skill in the workforce. According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a skill development program and India requires a greater number of skilled workforces.

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Our Main Features

Global Certification

Make an immediate impact, be conspicuous and get employed faster with global certifications.

Expert Guest Lecture

Training sessions serve as an ideal platform to learn and hone skills with the help of some of the stalwarts of the industry.

Industry Endorsed Skill Development

There is a gap between what degree provides and what employer wants. Identify your skill gaps and bridge them by developing and honing these skills.


E-Learning today has taken the world by storm and helped make learning on-the-go, a norm.


To become best, learn from the best! We provide Expert-led trainer course to develop skills of professional trainer.

Center of Excellence

9LedgePro is a team of skilled knowledgeable workers whose mission is to assist the students in developing the passion and skills for becoming 21st Century learners.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

5650 Registered Students
215 Associate Colleges
340 Workshops Conducted
43 Certification Provided

Certification Provided

We provide certification from almost all the International and Multinational Organisations.

Our Clients

We provide our trainings to all the Educational Instititions around Maharashtra, Delhi etc.

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